Gold Bond® eXP® Shaftliner

Use eXP® Shaftliner to construct lightweight fire barriers for cavity shaftwalls (1-4 hr.) and area separation fire walls (2 hr.).


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Lightweight weather resistant fire barrier

Available in a Type X core

  • For use in shaft, stairwells and Area Separation Walls.
  • Resists mold and moisture.
  • 12-month extended exposure warranty.

Use eXP® Shaftliner to construct lightweight fire barriers for cavity shaftwalls (1-4 hr.) and area separation fire walls (2 hr.). eXP® Shaftliner consists of a moisture- and mold resistant gypsum core encased in a coated, specially designed PURPLE fiberglass mat on the face, back and sides. It is available in a Type X core. The glass mat is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core.



  • Fire-resistant material with a non-combustible gypsum core helps protect framing elements, even when cladding is combustible.
  • Approved component in specific UL fire-rated designs.


  • Provides superior water resistance without impeding vapor transmission.
  • Resists the growth of mold per ASTM D3273 with a score of 10, the best possible score.


  • Scores and snaps easily without sawing.
  • Coated glass mat facers for easy handing.


Extra protection against inclement weather

eXP® Shaftliner is optimal when constructing lightweight fire barriers for cavity shaftwalls, stairwells and area separation walls in multi-family housing units.

Whether you are constructing multifamily housing or commercial projects, guard against damaging elements like rain and moisture and ensure you will achieve a fire rating. eXP® Shaftliner is a moisture and mold-resistant shaftliner panel with a fire-resistant (Type X) core. Use eXP Shaftliner Panels to construct lightweight fire barriers for cavity shaftwalls (1-4 hr.), stairwells and area separation fire walls in multi-family housing. These panels are key components in the Cavity Shaftwall Systems and the Area Separation Fire Wall Systems.

As with all eXP® products, eXP Shaftliner is a moisture- and mold-resistant panel with added fire-resistance. The PURPLE® coated fiberglass facers provide excellent weather- and water-resistant capabilities. Dimensionally stable under changes in temperature and humidity, this hard-working panel resists warping, rippling, buckling and sagging. It is specially coated on the front, back and edges for easy installation. eXP Shaftliner can also enhance acoustical performance; again, ideal when you are constructing multi-family residences.


  • eXP® Cavity Shaftwall Systems: These systems enclose elevator, horizontal shafts and chase walls in buildings where it is advantageous to erect these walls from one side only. eXP® Shaftliner is the right choice when designing for fire resistance and changing air pressure. Shaftwalls are non-load bearing partitions made up of gypsum board and metal framing. These systems are lightweight and economical compared with conventional shaftwalls.
  • eXP® Area Separation Wall Systems: Area Separation Wall is a popular method for constructing today’s multi-family housing units. These assemblies will be exposed to outdoor elements during the building process, and eXP Shaftliner features a coated glass mat facer and gypsum core that can provide increased protection.

Gold Bond® eXP® Shaftliner has achieved UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification.


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