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Just as mold, mildew, and moisture resistance have become table stakes for building projects, sound control is a must in today's market. Whether new construction or renovation, the PURPLE® SoundBreak® XP® family of products delivers innovative noise-reduction solutions for new and existing walls and ceilings.


Choosing drywall products for better acoustics

How can you prevent noise pollution between spaces? Learn ways to reduce sound in your next project using innovative SoundBreak® XP® products.

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Sound Solutions Guide

Explore acoustical concepts in building design, discover detailed product information and technical data for SoundBreak XP products, and learn about commonly used sound assemblies.

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Solutions for your toughest assembly challenges

The SoundBook® is the industry’s leading resource for technical details and sound-rated assembly drawings – all in one place.

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Choosing building materials for better acoustics

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Continuing Education opportunities

Our Continuing Education program offers multiple online and onsite courses related to acoustic solutions. Most programs qualify for AIA learning units.

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