Area separation walls


Fire protection when it matters most


Multifamily construction requires the separation of each unit into distinct fire areas.

Area Separation Wall (ASW) systems are non-bearing, rated gypsum board assemblies designed for fire-resistance between adjacent multifamily units. Each area separation wall is structurally independent which allows for collapse on one side of the fire wall while remaining in place to protect the other side of the assembly. Area separation walls are critical to keeping fires contained from spreading into other units in the construction.

Build these 2- and 3-hour rated fire walls with high-performance Gold Bond Building Products. The 2-hour area separation walls are constructed with light-gauge steel H-studs that secure two layers of Gold Bond® Shaftliner XP® or Gold Bond® eXP® Shaftliner panels friction-fit between studs and a minimum of 3/4 inch air space on each side. For the 3-hour system an additional layer of 5/8" Gold Bond® Fire-Shield C™, 5/8" Gold Bond® XP® Fire-Shield C™, or 5/8" Gold Bond® eXP® Interior Extreme® Fire-Shield C™ Gypsum Board is fastened to each side of the studs and the air space on each side of the system is not required.

How to build an area separation wall

Learn the basics of constructing a two-hour area separation wall, including clip spacing, clip attachment, fire blocking, and floor and roof intersections.

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