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Gold Bond® Gypsolite® Plaster

Gypsolite® Plaster is manufactured to be trowel applied as a basecoat over gypsum or metal lath.


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Lightweight basecoat plaster

Provides a uniform base for the finish coat

Gold Bond® Gypsolite® Plaster is a lightweight gypsum basecoat plaster mixed at the plant with correctly sized and proportioned perlite aggregate, requiring only the addition of water on the job.

Basic Uses

Gypsolite Plaster is designed for interior use in trowel application over gypsum or metal lath as described in ASTM C842.

Gypsolite Plaster is a basecoat plaster for finish plasters such as:


  • Gypsolite Plaster assures uniformity through exact proportioning and thorough mixing of graded perlite and gypsum plaster at the mill. Gypsolite provides a uniform base for the finish coat.
  • Gypsolite Plaster weighs less than half as much as sanded gypsum plaster, thus reducing the dead-load on framing as well as jobsite handling costs.
  • With a “k” factor of 1.5, Gypsolite Plaster provides about 1-1/2 times the insulating value of sanded plaster.
  • Gypsolite has excellent fire-resistant qualities and generally provides fire ratings higher than sanded plaster.

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Product Details

Bag Weight:

49.5 lb.


32-35 sq. ft. Gypsum Base Applications


16-19 sq. ft. Metal Lath Applications

Approx. Set Time:

2 1/2 hours

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