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From noisy hotel guests to confidential conversations, we've all heard things we wish we hadn't. When noise is not properly controlled, privacy, sleep and your client's satisfaction are all compromised. From new construction to renovations, the SoundBreak® XP® family of products provides innovative acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings.


Choosing drywall products for better acoustics

How can you prevent noise pollution between spaces? Learn ways to reduce sound in your next project using innovative SoundBreak® XP® products.

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Reducing sound transmission

A basic wall assembly consists of wood or metal studs, insulation, fasteners (screws or nails) and gypsum board. The size and spacing of the studs, the type, thickness and amount of gypsum board or the thickness of the insulation can all be changed to affect the wall assembly’s STC rating. Below are three common concepts that can govern sound mitigation in acoustical assemblies.

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Incorporating additional layers of gypsum board on one or both sides of the wall assembly adds mass. It is a cost-efficient method for achieving a moderate increase in STC rating. SoundBreak XP boards have greater mass than standard gypsum boards to impede sound energy.

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Sound Damping

Damping is the ability to dissipate vibrational energy produced by sound waves. SoundBreak XP wall, ceiling and retrofit boards consist of a layer of viscoelastic polymer in between two layers of gypsum board, which work together to provide sound damping.

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Sound moves more easily through solids than air. By decoupling or separating different parts of the wall assembly, air gaps help to slow down sound waves.

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Sound Solutions Guide

Explore acoustical concepts in building design and discover detailed product information and technical data for SoundBreak XP products.

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Solutions for your toughest assembly challenges

The SoundBook® is the industry’s leading resource for technical details and sound-rated assembly drawings – all in one place.

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Design strategies that affect STC ratings

Hosted on Architectural Record’s Podcast Channel, this edition explores six concepts enhancing acoustical performance.

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