GridMarX installation guide marks

Measure never. Drill once.

Our innovations continue to change the way you build. Our patented GridMarX® installation guide marks have proven to reduce material costs and increase efficiency on the job site.

Standard on our gypsum board products, GridMarX are printed on the face paper surface to help installers instantly identify stud locations and make accurate cuts without having to pencil in or snap chalk lines.

Gridmarx 540x540

Increase productivity and profitability

GridMarX increases productivity and profitability every step of the way. When fastening for code, the guide marks help to quickly identify nail/screw patterns, virtually eliminating the need to measure between fasteners. Plus, cleaner nail/screw patterns provide a visual benefit for inspectors, which makes inspections much faster and smoother. Contractors save time and money every step of the way.

With GridMarX, guide marks run the machine direction of the board at five points in four-inch increments so the installer always has a reference point. Marks run along the edge in both tapers and at 16", 24" and 32". The marks cover easily with no bleed-through using standard paint products.

Features and benefits:

  • Vertical Application - In a vertical application, GridMarX serve as a guide mark to help identify the exact location of framing members behind the gypsum board eliminating the need for field applied vertical lines.
  • Horizontal Application - In a horizontal application, GridMarX serve as a reference mark to help identify the location of framing members behind the gypsum board. For example if the framing member is located 2 inches to the right of the GridMarX reference mark at the top edge of the board, it will be located 2 inches to the right down the face of the board.
  • For ceiling applications, provides reference for locating joists.
  • Increases speed of installation and profit at every stage of construction.
  • Facilitates finishing and makes inspection easier.
  • Provides invaluable reference marks for utilities and reduces potential to fasten through pipes and wires.
  • Assists apprentices with learning curve for faster training.

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